Now to start this off, I’ve never really payed much attention to politics considering my life goes on, no matter who’s in office. Although I grew up in a Democrat household. I choose not to be apart of either group, I’ve always seen it as both sides lie to get in office then turn around and make up something that isn’t necessary to line there own pockets. Also, I don’t see how the vote system work. Thousands of people vote and those votes are counted by the end of the week? If this was a computer it’d take a few mins, if this was a person it’d take longer then a week to count. So the voting system is a minus to me, I believe someone higher up is making the choices of who gets in office and who doesn’t.

As for Obama, personally. Hearing about the Gun law to take away guns showed me that its time for him to be impeached. First off, I agree when taking it from people who don’t deserve to own one. But, taking it from the ones that are allowed? Makes no sense. Then we have the racist mark, seems if you don’t follow him like a puppy or believe in what he says, your a racist. As for this “Obamacare” you have people being forced in to it that want no part of it. Why force them? Also, supposedly Obama is going to pay some of it then stop. Why? Why not pay it all? Lets take a look at this, considering his name is in the Care Act. Obama can pay a little but end up bankrupting everybody that’s forced in to this. So, there is no point in this whatsoever.

12 Days of Christmas

A photo on FaceBook, meant to be funny. But, in reality this is true.  Some want to talk about the government falling such as the “Government Shutdown” a few months ago. I don’t know about any of you, but I did not see anything about Obama during that except him trying to hide behind the curtain. If you ask me, everybody in the government should be replaced. Clean house, cause where we’re headed ain’t looking good. Also, the mix of religion and politics has and never will be a good mix.

As for the KKK, I’m not one to follow them. But, I seen this earlier today and decided to fit this in somewhere.

“If we don’t stop Barack Obama, if we don’t stop this government all together that is running us into the ground, working us like dogs, so that they can keep taking it and giving it to somebody else, we’re not going to have a country,”-Richard Preston

To see the article and video of that part:

At Maryland meeting, Klan wants to “save america”

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